Friday, May 25, 2007

Towel day and a shower make me officially official

Apparently today is Towel Day in appreciation of Douglas Adams work and life. Amusingly enough I discovered this as I had gotten out of the shower and had a towel on my head. Hahah. Very cool idea.

Interestingly enough that isn't the only thing the shower brought up today. Nathan came home from work early and proposed to me officially as I was standing peeking out of the shower I was taking. The ring is beautiful (pictures later). Now some of you might think that this is a horribly unromantic way to propose but to be honest Nathan and I have been proposing to each other during every special moment and ordinary moment when the thought popped into our heads for the past... at least 6 months. So in all honesty I have been proposed to hundreds of ways hundreds of times all by the same man and I have proposed to him hundreds of times as well so for him to propose to me while I was in the shower (which is a new one by the way) is perfect because I know that he will be proposing to me randomly for the rest of my life just to remind me he loves me just as I will be him. We made our engagement official about two weeks ago when he asked my dad for his blessing to marry me and we started announcing it to all our friends and family. Which sort of happened by accident stealing the thunder of a ring which made Nathan sad. I could care less its a mere symbol of the love we have for each other and I am just happy to know we are on our way to sharing the rest of our lives together.

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