Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pop Lock it Drop it

I have just completed the kitting for the baby Mohawk hat for the unborn, unnamed girl of my friends Josh and Marley. I don't have my needles here and Nathan and I have been on a kind of tight budget this month with all the traveling so when I ran into issues with my circulars being to big for the pattern I was using and to small to do the magic loop with I fudged the pattern and made it so I can seam up the back and wallah (hopefully). I am at the seaming part so we shall see in a few mere moments how this hat will turn out. I also fiddled with the pattern's cast ons after making the ear flaps. It has 15 sts for each ear flap (total 30 sts) so I cast on 5 sts picked up the 15 sts then cast on 12 sts picked up 15 sts and cast on 5 more sts (total 52 sts in all). Oh and that was using the pattern for Ethan's hat.

When Nathan gets home I hope to have the baby hat finished complete with mohawk. If it is I'll have Nathan take a picture of the hats. Yay!

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