Thursday, May 31, 2007

non-craft chit chat

Schools going well. Fast but well. Its weird thinking that in 5 weeks I'll be done with this class. I am actually thinking about seeing if I can pick up another class int he next 5 week session if this one goes well so I can try to get farther ahead. I just want to graduate. I love going to school I hate pressure to get a degree so if I get a degree I can graduate and just take classes as I please willy nilly as it fits in with my life. Perfect.

The nice thing about this semester is I get to ride to and from school with my brothers. We're car pooling. Its nice since we don't get to spend all the at much time together any more what with all our seperate interests and activities and me not living here half the time. Granted they have classes 3 hours before me but I can use the time to study, work on home work, knit, or whatever. Which will be great I'll get more done.

Well I should hit the hay since I have classes tomorrow and I have to be ready to go by 7. Hope everyone is doing well.

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