Sunday, June 10, 2007

work shmirk

Today I was introduced to some cool websites worth taking a peek at.
cool business card designs
Mr. Lee's cat cam

I also finished my roses. Well knitting and sewing them. I am going to felt them tonight when I get home. Very excited about that. The bag is so close to finally being done. As soon as I find the missing skein of light colored yarn that I am hoping I still have (I am not sure if I actually still have another light colored olive skein I may have used it all on the bag). How ever it goes its really close to being done. Yipee!

I brought my sweater along (Martina 1) so I could work on it if I get finished with all I can on the bag. Looks like I'm going to actually get to it. That'll be good its been sitting in limbo since last weekend. I think I need to rip a few more rows out just to be sure it will all be right. I don't want any more suprises. I just want to finish it so I can wear it in all its fine sweater glory.

Last night we (Lori, Jamie, Everrett and I) didn't make it to te Roller Derby. Everrett's flight came in during the middle of the bout and it was an hour late so it wasn't worth it to spend $15 a person to see nothing really. We went to a bunch of bars instead most of which were on Broadway which is where Jamie and I usually go when we go into Nashville because they always have great live bands playing rockabilly, country, and bluegrass and the beer is cheap. Its a bit touristy on weekends but some how in that area since it only really gets super busy on the weekends its nice instead of annoying. We went to The Paradise Park Trailer Resort which wasn't what I thought it was going to be but still fun, the across the street to Robert's which I think is my favorite bar over there, then across the street agian to the Full Moon. Saw three diffrent bands and have a great time. We stopped in at a gift shop on the corner that has the greatest cheap sun glasses and spoofy stuff but they were out of elvis sun glasses and I already had the other glasses that I liked there so I didn't get anything. Next time though the elvis-ness will be mine.

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