Tuesday, June 12, 2007

movies to watch

I felted my roses. Most of them turned out. I am going to repair the ones that didn't felt fully or warped a little(which interestingly enough are also ones that didn't finish their felting). I sewed most of the little roses on to my bag already. I am so excited. I felted the leaves as well. I need to sew them on still as well. I know the instructions said to sew them to the rose first but I am not to worried about it. Just really excited to be so close to finishing it. I'll take a picture and force my way on to a computer at home to post the bag, strawberry progress and all the other goodies I've been wanting to share.

What else what else. I watched a few good movies recently that I highly recommend if you haven't seen them already. Inventing the Abbotts, The Brain that Wouldn't Die, It Happened One Night, Pan's Labyrinth, Following, King of the Zombies.

Had my second science exam today. I don't feel very well about how I think I did. We'll see tomorrow I geuss is all I can do. Well I am off to do some errands.

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