Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend delights

The weekend is almost over and I have been sitting at home watching old horror movies and knitting while studying for my science test on tuesday for most of it. This is the progress I have made on Matrina 1. I watched the killer shrews, Dr. Jekell and Mr.Hyde, The king of the zombies, The Swamp Women, and The brian that wouldn't Die.
When not watching the boob tube I have been sitting on the back porch enjoying the sound of my mom's fountian and the birds while reading my science notes and reviews or the book on heavy metal history my brother got for me. I realized this morning that I had made a mistake on my sweater in the lace knitting about 2 inches below where I was when I took the photo today so I have ripped back since. Hopefully I can find some time to catch up this week.

I talked with friends I haven't talked to in a while on the phone which was nice and planted some strawberries in a hanging basket. I am hoping to document their growth. Here is Day 1 the planting.That is the fountian my mom made in the back ground.
I have been eyeballing a model set in the model car section recently so I purchased one and have set it up as a prize for myself if I do well on my first science test. Namely I am not allowed to start working on it til after I take the test and pass it. I am excited about it though. Its one of the Weird Oh's by Bill Campbell. I got the suburbanite "Daddy". I hope to eventally collect and create them all.

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