Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Skulls in fashion isn't a new idea at all

I am happy to be over yet another test with one on friday and the last one next week. Hurray then I am done with Biology I. Then we move into Biology II which is going to be interesting since I haven't disescted anything since middle school and we have to do several.

I am on the second sleeve of the skull shrug. I haven't finished it because I got obsorbed not in studying but in a book, The Golden Compass. It was delightful. I am really very excited to read the next one but first I have to read Howl's Moving Castle because a girl in my class has lent it to me. I finished the Golden Compass last night though and so I now can focus on finishing the shrug agian before I start Howl's. The photo I encluded is an old vintage image I found on some site years ago. I've kept it because I thought it was fasinating to see a skull icon in their fashion back then even it was just for a film costume of some sort.

I'll post the shrug in a photo when I am done. I posted an old painting on my art page since I found a picture of it if any of you are interested. The link to that is under my profile.


Susan said...

Fantastic photo!
Found you though the virtual vaca swap.

Love the shrug as well, can't wait to see it completed.

* Susan *

Miss Me said...

really interesting photo! i cruised over from KVVS, too... i'll check back on shrug progress - very cute.

laurie said...

Hello from a fellow knitter also going on the KVVS tour. Love the old photo. Every generation thinks that their styles have never been used or thought of before.

Dreamy said...

where have you gone?!