Monday, June 04, 2007

Procrastination station and the end at the light of the school bus

I am siting here reading blogs when I should be studying for my test tomorrow. Shameful. I have been studying a lot though and did just photo copy 4 practice tests to study even more once I tear myself away from this computer and drive home from school.

I am excited because I have affirmed that if I am allowed to use my already taken art classes that I can have all the classes finished to graduate with the art education BFA by December of 2008. HURRAY! Then I am taking a well deserved break from educational studies. At least a semester. Then we'll see what I do. Whether I decide to further torture myself right away or take a long break and join the work force. Two things are for certain Nathan and my Dad will be ecstatic. This means I can move to Richmond and be with Nathan and that I will have finished my BFA which is a MUST in the eyes and understanding of my dad in what I need to survive in toady's society.

So no more doing bad in classes, which I shouldn't do anyways. And I need to get all the paper work handled to get everything going. Crazyness. The end is in site I just need to get there. Well I am off to study.

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