Monday, June 18, 2007

A skull shrug and a lonely summer

I have been knitting away on a new project. Shameful I know since I have quite a few going already. I couldn't resist though. It is such and easy fast project and I have use for it right now. If your wondering what it is well its a skull shrug. I got the pattern from the punk knitters group and love it. Its black with skulls on the elbows and white stripes on the sleeves(which I added to the pattern). I am currently on the back of it heading toward the other sleeve. The photo is of my progress on the day I started Saturday. It is now Monday show that after my initial excitement I tend to slow down a little til the end gets in site and I get a second super burst of knitting energy. I should get to that point soon. I am hoping to get it done by Wednesday at the latest we shall see.

I have been kind of lonely lately. I spend most of my days by myself studying,reading,watching new movies,and knitting. I talk to Nathan at multiple points through out the day and attend class Monday through Friday and a study group on Sundays so I don't think I really have any real reason to be but I feel little lonely non the less. I think it may be because I have no one to spend time with out side of school. Everyone I know is busy right now as is understandable and I am too but I do miss everyone and wish there was time to get together and do something fun.

I am seriously considering going to Salvation again regularly again. I always had a great time and there were some great people and I at least felt like I did something not alone even if I was technically (I usually attend alone having no one to attend with me). May be I'll go this weekend as a prize to do well on my test, a reason to show off my new shrug and an excuse to exercise a bit (hurray dancing)


Kasia said...

Skull shrug is just fab! I can't wait to see it in it's full glory!

ms. pixie riot said...

i really dig the way the stripes look... good call!