Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Me and my DNA

I took this picture last friday in my science lab. haha. Its a picture of me with my DNA. haha. I look like the hugest nerd. Anyways. I am wearing my tube top that I knit last summer. haha I need to start wearing a scarf when I drive. I've been driving with the windows down and my hair looks like a whirl wind when I get to school. I'll never be one of those girls whose hair is perfectly in place. Sigh thats nothing to dwell on.

To see your DNA you'll need:
5ml dish soap solution, a test tube, 10ml saline, a dixie cup, and 10ml rubbing alchohol

saline solution=Prepare the 0.9 percent salt solution (2 teespoons of table salt dissolved in 1 quart/liter of water)

soap soultion=1 volume of detergent mixed with 3 volumes of water

Pour amount of saline into a dixie cup
Swish the saline around in your mouth for 30 seconds to remove some cheek cells.
Spit saline/saliva solution back into dixie cup
Get your test tube and put 5ml of dish soap solution into your tube.
Then pour your saline solution over the soap solution.
Gently rock your soap/saline/salive solution for 2 minutes to mix it all together.
DO NOT shake it as this will break the DNA up and you won't be able to see it.
After rocking your solutin of 2 minutes get 10ml of rubbing alcoholand pour it in the test tube.
The 10ml of rubbing alcohol will sit on top of the other soapy solution but if you look at the division line between the two you will see hazy cloudy white strands coming up into the clear solution. That is your DNA. Yippee!


Knittymuggins said...

I am such a nerd - I totally want to try the DNA thing! Looks like fun & thanks for sharing :)

laurie said...

Hello from another KVVS knitter and "peeping" blogger.
I have to say thank you for sharing the DNA "lab" test with others. I am a teacher of 6th graders (ages 11 and 12). I can't wait to do this with my next "batch" of kids next school year. BTW, I am also a big nerd, who loves science and really loves math.

staceyjoy said...

thanks for posting, how interesting! I actually got a vial of DNA from someone I was dating about 12 years ago...he was a DNA scientist, and he made it from his blood, I believe. It looked like white fluff. I still have it somewhere.