Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ripping causes a progress depression

Ripping back always temporarily puts a dent in my progress (well obviously) but besides just having to physically go back I tend to get a wee depressed with the project and take a few days off from it. Terrible habit that I have to say I dislike but can't seem to get over. So I have taken wee baby break on Matrina 1. Shameful I could be almost done by now.

In its stead however I have been finishing the long over due roses and leaves for the Felted Rose bag. I have five roses knit though not assembled and no leaves to date but I have started and I will say they are a great project to interject vocabulary and notes with. I do 40 minutes of note or vocab and knit one or two roses. I figure at this rate I'll pass all my science tests and finish the bag that seems to just lag on and on. I really want to get some fabric to line the inside. I have just the fabric in mind actually.

Oh I almost forgot. I passed my first Biology exam with a B. Hurray! So I can start my Weird Oh model Car. Hurray! I got Daddy a crazy suburbanite on his way to or from work. The kit comes with the road signs and the goes so far to replicate the drawing as to have the piston falling out the bottom of the car and the little martini hood ornament

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