Friday, June 15, 2007

new glasses and project updates.

Today I got to pic up my new glasses. Huray. I only need them for reading or when my eyes are under stress like long distance driving and computer or tv gazing. I do however love to wear glasses which is a switch from other period of my life like kindergarden that was til I got my pink glasses in first grade then it was ok.

Today I donated some things to good will, returned library items and got pictures of something I have in the works right now. These are some felix the cat peices I am making ot turn into a bag. I am using some yarn that was gifted to me from some one elses stash. Its red heart which is part of the reason I am using it for this. Its an expirement so we'll see how is turns out.

Here is the latest photo of the progress of the vogue rose felted bag. It has roses now but no leaves and I want to add more roses. I have some of the leaves but not all fleted and the remaining roses I have need to a little TLC and then I need to finish felting them(they are only partially felted). People at school have been asking about its continued progress and want to see it. One girl even is inquiring about my knitting a felted bag for her. We will see I told her I'd need to look at the cost of yarn and what type of bag she'd want and the amount of time I have to make it. I am pretty sure that when I quote a price its going to be to high though since that bag was 100 bucks worth of yarn and she wants about that size. We shall see though. We shall see.

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Carrie Penny said...

I love your new glasses, what type of store did you get them at, I need another pair myself... (I stopped by to see if you were an Aussie on virtual vaca)