Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Worry knitting

You know I really didn't think about it until... about two hours after talking to Knitting Corner when it came to my attention after my high of yarn-phoria came down that the two shops might not be to happy with me helping both of them. Just don't think of things like that I guess. But the more I thought about it the more worried I became that it would be a problem even though I'm only planning to work at Knitting Corner to help the ladies there out til the one that broke her ankle can come back regular agian or they find a permenant replacement. So to make sure it's going to be okay I'm going in today to talk to Knitting Corner first then to Talk to Ewe knits. Since well if Knitting Corner has a problem with me working at Ewe Knits I'll just have to apologize to Carol and Betty and say that Ewe knits nabbed me first and that as much as I'd love to help out I can't... If they say their fine with it then I can take it to Ewe and make sure that their fine with it and stress the fact that I'm only trying to help the ladies at the other shop out because they are friends. As far as I know there isn't any bad blood between these two shops like there is with some of the others. Heck I might still think on it a little more and decide to just politely decline Knitting Corner. I feel terrible about my accidental pickle I've dragged them into. Sigh. I've been up all night worry knitting and cleaning. I tend to do that when I worry (amazing concept I know. you'd never have geussed). I finished the white mid section on the plaid baby blanket. All 74 rows and am now at the point where I can start switching in and out for the stripes. My closet has been reorganized agian and my room in now not quite spotless but really really close. I have one pile of clothing that needs to get folded and to put my dresser back into place (I have to get help with that part and I didn't think my brothers would take kindly to being awakened at... 0' dark thirty in the AM). Of course I finally get to bed at 5 and alarms start going off I ignore them and sleep on as best as possible till the dog informs me she needs out. At which point its helpless to do anything but wake up agian (that happened at 7am). The cats come clamoring for attention my brothers will be getting ready to go to school and the house won't settle down agian enough for me to go back to bed til... 8:15am when the cats will go to sleep and the dog will lie down for a while to rest up for chasing the cats later. And I'm sure at that point I'll be getting ready to go talk to the Knitting Corner so that I get everything worked out. I really hope I haven't botched anything up. I'm sure I'm worrying about this far more than I really aught.

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