Tuesday, October 05, 2004

orentation and halloween

So lets see. I talked to the knitting Corner. Carol is back in the hospital agian and I'm going to be only working at Ewe Knits. We had a nice chat about this and that though while I sat around and knit with her in her store. Alot of crochet only people came in looking for stuff. Anywhoodle. I am going to get those Candle sticks I promised myself tomorrow. exciting. I wanna get a light fixture I saw at target too but I have to wait on it since its just not a must have item as of yet. Halloween is my favorite holiday I'm excited its coming up.
I had my job orentation. It went really good. The hardest part being I had to fill out two peices of paper namely my W2's and the other little thing that says I say I'm American and can work in the USA. That took about ... twenty seconds. Then I got the tour and a quick overview of the daily schedule, how to work the register, that sort of thing. I am really excited about it all mainly because this is the first job where I feel like I can never get bored with it since I am actually super interested in the whole idea and purpose of the store. I think all my old friends think I'm a total nut now but I really don't mind since I was a bit of a nut before.

I knit some more on the way home in traffic sicne the traffic was bad the way I went. Very Stop and go... two centimeters. So that was kind of nice I've done that before knitting in traffic jams but always on the highway/ interstate this was just on regualr streets. Anywhoodle.

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