Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Stitch N Bitch # 4

So last night was the weekly stitch n bitch for Va beach. I really have to say that I adore the group. Everyone is just so awesome. I need to try to remember to go to Mollie's yoga place soon and use the free yoga lesson I got. I am excited to get together with Jill sometime this week when ever we can both get together and was really flattered that she's want to hang out with me. Its always nice to be liked. I need to remember to get a thank you card to Joann(e?) for the knitting needles she gave to me. She's just so generous. And I'm really excited about getting to know the other Ewe Knit workers better as we all work together (you guys know who you are). Stacey returned from her Hiatus and some other faces I've met before but can't remember the names of were around too.
The main topics of dicussion this week were the Fabric Festival that had just happened on Saturday and the giagantic one coming up in May. Everyone shared their finds from the festival or where ever they've been for the past week or two and then it sort of splintered into smaller conversations about diffrent things.
I start orientation tonight at Ewe Knits (hopefully) not sure what time exactly their supose to call me but I know its definatly today.I'm excited.

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