Sunday, October 10, 2004

Moving along

So I finished the knitting part of the Baby blanket I'll try to get some pictures up assaple. It's looking good. I bought the fabric for the back. I really think that it will look great. Its a cream colored quilted fabric. I decided I liked it better than the fleeces and flannels for this project although they had some really lovely flannels.
I bought the yarn for the Double Helix scarf my brother paul wants. I hope I can get it to turn out. I've never cabled before and this has got just a little bit of that. Maybe I'll start another easier project at the same time so I don't feel to unaccomplished.
I need to do a little running around for my Omi since she wants some yarn the color of my cousin Emma's hair for a doll she's knitting. Hopefully I can find some. It's fall season so I think I can since alot of browns should be coming out now on the shelves. Well I'm going to go get back to the knit.

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