Monday, October 25, 2004

lazy Daisy

So I made a dim sum kitty toy tonight at the stich and Bitch. they are really really easy to make. It origanally started out to be dice but I made the first square to large and didn't think about it till it was so far along I could just turn it into the dim sum toy. So thats what happened. I need to work ont he misfits thing. Its just a matter of re-knitting it agian. Just need to get off my duff. Been lazy this past week. But the punk_knitters community is waiting on the pattern so I need to get that rear in gear.
I am thinking it is time to give in and start the next project namely paul's mittens. he wants hobo gloves. So this should be interesting. I have never made mittens let alone gloves so hopefully I can do this with out to much trouble. I am not sure what color he wants.... so black will work i think very un original if her really wants I'll put a bright blue stripe in it or something. Peter really wants the Space Inaders scarf and a matching beenie I know if I get the yarn and start now I could get it done for a Christmas present so maybe I'll do that. Amber in my knitting group wants to make it too so I recommended we do a knit along with it since i figure it will help us both get it done. And if she has any problems she can get the help she needs. So I think I'll call her tomorrow and see what she thinks so I can figure out whats happening. i need to get some money for these projects......blah! my poor parents will soon be poor because i am constantly having them buy me yarn.

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