Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Howdy and hello

I just got back from SnB. It was gravey. Joanne got my logo onto the computer and printed it out on printer adhesive sheets for eveyone to get a little guy to put on a shir or something. Very cool. She didn't return my drawing to me though so I will need to give her a hollah on that and ask for it to be returned... Since I want it back. I also want her to email me a copy of the comp. image so i can post it and use it to make shirts, bags and what not. So thats always cool. In case i never mentioned it. I designed a logo for our stitch and bitch group. Lots of fun. I'll post a picture one of these days.

I worked on pauls gloves. Can't figure out what happend though for some dd reason the pattern is not working out the way its supose to. not sure why. Hate when that happens. So I'm still working on it. Not sure if its me or the pattern either.
I am so excited to get them done. My goal is to get them done by next monday.

so I was late to work this morning which made me feel like a cad because I was late and also because it was just Bobbie since Sherry had a doc appointment in the AM. So i felt double bad. Especially since it was busy in the AM. Sigh. and then after I was late I was asking stupid questions or doing little things that were stupid (i'd like to blame this on a lack of sleep but i am not sure that was the cause). so ya.
We are completely rearranging the store. I move the lorna's lace sock yarn to the other side of the store, moved alot of the trendsetters yarn over to the wall where the lorna's sock weight use to be, moved the mohair over to by the alpaca and so on and so forth. We still have a lot to do. but its fun. though I want to go rearrange the book wall because it is hainous at the moment. I wish people would learn the concept of putting books back where they found them. sigh oh well.
I gave sherry the breast cancer braclet (think armstrong braclet but pink) that I got her. I was happy to find out she didn't have one yet since I wasn't sure. Yup that about covers it. I need to remember to try to bring some printer paper since I keep printing off these patterns from the internt at work since mine (printers) aren't working. found the funniest comic in Pintuck livejournal. hehe here it is for ya'll to enjoy as well. It reminds me of Sherry. So for Sherry.

other craft-tack-u-lar news
I found ready made the magazine at Borders. LOVE LOVE LOVE that magazine. Its so handy it make life dandy. For example this issue tell you how to sound proof walls and make them look cute for less than $200. it also tells you all sorts of other crafty ideas. sigh. where was this magazine all my life... i know waiting for me to find it. dun dun dun. Another magazine I love is City magazine. that one is cool too but not for the same reason. anywhoodle. So... after this pay check which is sadly going to be mostly paying bills I will hopefully have enough left over to get said Ready Made magazine.

I know I missed the softie dead line but I'm going to finish my little guy. He's to niffty not to and I am rather proud of him so far. I'll try to do softie agian next month.... well technically this month.

I have thought of some new embrodary stuff to do. My friends band is going to have a cd show soon and it'd be cool to sport something for them so I am going get that going under way. the show isn't till march but still I have to make it and everything so that gives me plenty of time.

I also have come up with a cute underwear set... think days of the week panties like when you were six with a twist. I am very excited to make those too one of these days.

Still need to get the Valentines printed I went in on Sundae to get them printed and the girl working couldn't get the picture off my usb disc thingie (I don't know what their called just that I love them). so i have to go back. Blah. I'm thinking about hand making them even though that will take up time i don't really have. Reminder to me... by the way... take art charts to comp lab tomorrow morning and print them off so you can study for the art history test!!! back to the valentines. they are so cute. Sigh I geuss this one could be the email one and the home made ones are the send offs. Sigh we'll see what happens. I just know Ihave to get them in the mail this week.

hmmm... what else what else.

ya I think thats it. Well I'm gonna go hit the hay or clean my room or something. Lots of hugs to everyone.

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