Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not alot happening around here.
I almost killed a mail box the other day when i wasn't paying attention to the road.
I finished all my tests and my speech for this week. I am not to happy with how I did on the tests but I'll be sure to do better next time.

been working on my Angelina jacket from white lie designs. Its going faster than I expected. its done on size 6 needles with 50 g yarn. I have about 4 inches done and I started during the super bowl so I figure thats going fairly well. I have to get up to 111/2 inches before I can do the next part so I still have a long ways to go. Its an easy pattern so far. I hope it turns out as awesome as I am thinking it will. I am using estivo instead of Halo. I figure it should be fine since it is the same specifications. I will admit I was shamefully bad and didn't do a gauge. It doesn't look like a problem though. In fact i think it might end up a little larg even though I sized the pattern down because they didn't have my size. Anyways. estivo is really nice to work with its like knitting a cloud. Well I'll post pics in a bit.

I have been finding alot of billy and lounge bands that I am in love with lately.
Ya its all fun. I need to get a hair cut. And that covers it I think. i have to go to the dentist today. Got a post card from my secret pal. Its from Bath the card and sent from washington (state). Yup very cool. I sent my secret pal her package. need to get working on the next one.

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