Thursday, February 17, 2005

I am thinking about getting all the yarn that my secret pal would need for her sweater that she wants to make. Maybe I won't since thats really expensive and I'm not sure the color she'd want.
I have been so busy with school I can't even begin. Its not like there is alot really happening it just all requires alot of leg work. The speech class is almost over thank goodness. On top of everything I have ben trying really hard to see friends I haven't seen in like two years and get everything in order to move to Richmond in the fall.
My friend greg got engaged, Brittany is married and pregnant, and I have not time to knit the four blankets I need to get going on if all those babies wanna get their balnkets. Sigh I still need to get all the geshia for them. I think I am just going to make them all white and then purchase satin ribbons to weave through for the trim.
Well lots of hugs to everyone. the valentines are still going out even though I know they are late just like I am for my art history class.

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