Thursday, February 03, 2005

White Lies recently put out some new patterns. I am in love with a bunch of them but I think this one takes the cake for the new patterns. I really enjoy her patterns.

Other Knitting news
I almost finished one glove for my brother. I knit it with a smaller weight than I was supose to so the stitches were a bit more open then i liked so i weed together a set of gloves real qick out of some wine red colored fleece I had. So the gloves are lined with the fleece. So I need to make one more glove and the little cappers for them (their the hobo style gloves).

Jen supplied me with a pattern for my eros that I like. Its a tank top and it only takes two balls of eros. So that is going to get made at some point. So thank you Jen.

Joann got the Stitch and Bitch girl I drew as our little mascot up so I could share it and we all could wear it. Here she is in all her glory. Please ask me if you are going to take her.

yup thats about all I have to say for right now.
I have been having a blast getting to know my secret pals. And I need to get my pals package out in the mail.

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