Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cause knitting is so tough!

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I love this picture. One of the ladies in my knitting group emailed it to me and told me she better not see me sporting it. Altough its tempting very tempting indeed i am afraid I'm a little to vain to get it done. Still love that its out there though. Maybe when I'm like 70. hehe.
Ok so on to the knitting news.
I have been super busy with school and work but when I can get a few moments to myself I work on the angelina jacket. I realized the other day that I had over knit a section by three inches and had to rip it out. It was rather painful to rip those three inches out because it took so long to knit them since I have such limited time to knit but its lookign good and I have been knitting at light speed to metal and other catchy beated music to make up for the lost time. Speaking of metal I knit at the Honky Tonk-a-thon last weekend. I knit during the Swords set they are way way good. I really liked their sound I also knit in between everyone elses sets and in the Honky Tonk Tattoo parlor. so that is two new places to add to where I have knit that is interesting.
I finished one of pauls gloves. Need to make the other one. I'm half way finished with Jesse's scarf but I haven't picked it up in ages. Feeling a bit bad about that. I bought a new sock book because my secret pal has totally gotten me on a kick to want to knit some socks. ( note for pal I found a site that gives you instructions for knitting two socks at once if this interests you email me and I will send you the link... I am probubly going to put it in the links section on the blog too)
I bought so dale yarn to make a sweater I am dubbing the monster party sweater because I am planning to make a mock of the highlighter striped sweater that the girlfriend of the home alone kid in the movie Monster party. its really cute and dale put out some highlighter colors that are reactive under uv light... well all hightlighter colors and white are reactive under that light but its still gonna be jammin. I still am on a quest to purchase glow in the dark yarn though also. I got the Rowan book Denim people. which has some cute patterns. I need to get some dark green berrocco suede yarn to make my aunt a bikini. I think that color will do famously with her skin and hair colors. What else... I found a sorce for the mohair I need to make my cruella devil jacket and bag. Its 500 yards a skein for 35 dollars. thats really good so I need to get that some time soon too so I can get that going so I can be cruella for Halloween this year. Yup thats my knitting news for now. I need to finish what I am doing now though so I am going to run off to go knit before work. Happy knitting to ya'll.

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