Thursday, September 20, 2007

the strange disapperance of all things crucial

Nathan is coming to visit this weekend. Hurray! I can't wait for him to get here. I finished my scarf for my friend andy. He loves it and I will share pictures as soon as I can find my phone... which went missing this week in my room, along with my glasses which went missing last week. I can also add my drivers lisence to the list of the lost since I haven't been able to find it or the planner I stuck it in since I moved back to school. All I know is that its at my parents house... some where. I can't figure out how I am able to be so especially scatter brained lately. I loose stuff all the time but I can usually find it after a good search but these have just PFFT! disapeared up in to thin air some where. Interestingly enough an earring I haven't been able to find the mate to for the past year now has its mate back... the strange part I found it in the jewlery box that I had ripped apart searching for it in multiple times. It just appeared! I am hoping this same phenomenon will happen with the glasses and phone. As for the drivers lisence I am going to play it safe and go get it replaced.

I am going to apply for a local art scholarship. I hope that I get it. I figure it doesn't hurt to try. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep you posted. they don't decided til December so it'll be a while but I'll still let you know.

Now that Andy's scarf is out of the way I am determined to finish sewing the silk slip and knitting the tourquis sweater. Its cooling off and I totally want to wear it. I wish I had time to do more. I have just been squeezing knitting in between everything. i should probubly start knitting in my art history class since all I doodle in it. Shameful I know but she only tests us on a sheet she gives us so there isn't really any point to take notes unless I am just captured by something she's talking about which is usually an image and they I draw it really quick. So ya. I think I'll start doing that since I'll probubly focus alot more.


Knittymuggins said...

Hey, good luck with the scholarship! I hope you get it!! I know what you mean - I'm having a lot of trouble getting knitting time lately too :( I feel your pain! It will get better I'm sure! Especially if you start to knit in class :)

Kasia said...

Good luck with the scholarship! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I am looking forward to see the scarf you knitted for Andy! Oh yeah... I know the your pain with disappearing stuff... my grannie always said that it was a devil who covered them with his tail (you know one of Polish folklore) and if you will stop looking for the lost thing, it will surely come up! Works for me :D So maybe you can give it a try! I am as well on the back gear with my knitting, just to many things to do ;) Take care!