Thursday, September 06, 2007

The beginning

School and life have been slightly demanding for the past two weeks. My car is dead. I am now driving my brothers, school is really easy this semester. Hopefully it'll stay that way. Nathan is awesome and I love him. uh... I started a new scarf for a friend who is driving me around this semester so I can save gas and he gave me a glass vase that he blew. He's a glass blower. I still need to fuse and sew the pieces for the silk tank. I am planning to have that finished by the time Nathan visits so he can appreciate it since he bought me the book. <3

I haven't received my package from my virtual vacation buddy which makes me sad. But I think she's busy right now so I am going to drop her a line and see how she is. We've both been kind of MIA.

Hmmm.... I am rather amused because I am in college and for two of my classes we are doing middle school art projects in class. Haha they are fun classes and for art education so these are just showing us how to use projects like these to teach but it still feels like if my dad knew he was paying for me to do this he'd be pissed. hehe Here is the Beaded guardian that I made today.


secretagentsheep said...

your package is in the mail friday-- late and I am a horrible person but life just went crazy. beyond crazy actually. I hope you really like it.

Kasia said...

I am so sorry that you pal was late! I know how it feels, because I got completely abondend :( Anyhow, I am looking forward to see your top ready!

Lisa said...

Hey, Hope things are ok. Sorry we couldn't thrift shop for your "drag" costume...LOL

You MUST show me picks after that party!