Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another day in Craft town, USA

Today I went swimming at Love Colony with Jen, Andy, Mike H., Everette, Abe, and Micheal and his 15 year old dog, Bosco. It was perfect. The weather here is just starting to get the hint of fall. So there is a slight chill but the water was perfect.

After that I watched "Swap Women" a campy movie from the early 60's about a jail break and undercover police woman who is trying to recover some stole diamonds. Its pretty awesome.

Anywhoodles... the whole point of telling you all this was to get to the macrame necklace I made tonight while chillin with Jen, Megan, Renae, Tom, Mike H., Brad, Andy etc... I haven't done macrame since middle school when a girl named Desire (DEZ-ER-RAY) stole all my beads ($300 bucks worth) and just killed my drive to do it any more. Which is a shame because I really loved doing it. Its so fun. So anyways. Tonight I made a necklace and was suprised at how much I remembered. I did it all fro total recall which I think is pretty impressive after having not do this in over 10 years. So anywho... the picture is of Jen wearing it since I gave it to her. Had ot share because I was so excited about remembering how to do it.


Knittymuggins said...

Great necklace (and memory too!)! I never got around to learning how to do that, though I always thought it looked cool. Sorry about your $300 worth of beads getting stolen :( I think I'd be a little disheartened too!

Linette said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

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