Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meet Tara Dactyll

This thursday was my roommates Sophie's "Schools a Drag" drag queen party. I have to say the most amazing party ever. It had cupcakes, wax lips, two dance floors, a pole on the lower level dance floor, a kareoke machine in the upstairs dance floor, spiked punch, hula hooping and then a ton of people in drag. I came as a girl dressed as a boy dressed as a girl because I love drag queens and seriously believe if I were a boy I would totally have to be one simply because they are that fabulous. So here is a shot of me as "Tara Dactyll". I wish you could see my boots in this shot. They were gold faux snake skin stilleto boots with camel color faux fur trim that I got for a dollar brand spankin' new at Rugged Warehouse. AMAZING! plus my uber hip hop earrings are hiding in my hair. They are these giant gold bamboo hoops that say "baby girl" in cursive across the hoop. haha. I love them and I am going to wear them so, so much.

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Knittymuggins said...

Totally awesome! I L-O-V-E drag queens! I wouldn't mind being one as a girl, but I guess that doesn't really work :) Tara's gorgeous! And those boots sound kick-a&s