Saturday, January 15, 2005

Lets see...
Knitting News
I am totally in love with the new Vogue Knitting magazine. I want to make pretty much everything but especially these two

I have been working on my Erin sweater without sucsess, keep doing silly little stupid stuff. Same with the garter belt that I'm knitting from the free yarn from Jill. Keep making silly mistakes. I am doing really well with Jesse's second scarf. Its almost half way done. I'm posting a pic in a hot second. Anything else... hmmm... I feel like there is but I can't think of what it would be. Oh I know. I signed up for Knittapolluza II. I am doing the full thing and working at the stand that the shop is gonna have. So that will be cool. Very exciting even if it isn't til March.

Other news
I figured out what I am going to do for this months softies.Its my first time participating so I am excited. Tomorrow I should have the time to finish it. Woot woot but I'll post the pics of what i got so far. The theme this month is vintage catwalk.
I got a raise at work and I have been working three days a week regularlly so thats nice. Love working as a yarn slave its the best job in the world I swear.
Started school back up. All my teachers and classes are cool. I have a feeling the hardest will be my photoshop and art history classes. Photoshop due to the fact I have to modivate myself and art history because there is so much you have to remember. But I think I'll make it. prioritize.
uh what else. Been chilling with amber. yup I think that covers it.
nite nite

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