Thursday, January 20, 2005


I have been in absolute whirl wind of self caused stress. I hate when I do this. What is this you might ask. Well this is when I get so worried about things that I get super tense (couldn't think of another word for it) and I get all scatter brained and disorganized. I mean really disorganized. For example In December I had everything going amazingly. I knew what was going on when, I had tons of projects going (knitting, embrodery and other wise) and felt on top of my game. This month... I am a mess I can barely rememeber what time my classes are, when they are, when I work, I am working on two measly little projects that should take no time at all and what is going on... I am stuck half way through both. How silly is that? I am constantly running late, looking terrible and generally being emotional and stupid. I can't believe I can't get things organized. I am hoping that it'll go back to the way it was in December where my productivity and being on time and time managed were awesome. Sigh some day soon.

In other news I was horribly sick yesterday. Honestly it was awful and of course today I am just all back to normal. 24 hour flus suck. You don't even get to enjoy being sick... which yes I realize is a sick concept but when you have a24 hour flu all you do is throw up and sleep and feel to weak to do anything while with most other illnesses you at least get to do some knitting or embrodery and watch a movie with out dying. No sense in complaining now that I'm better. Well I'm off to knit tomorrow is my day off woot woot. Knitting here I come.

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Lana said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.... it's sooo crappy to be like that!

I love that bicycle pattern below as well. Very original and neat!!!