Sunday, January 02, 2005

well it should be a happy 2005 since I don't think I could mess anything up more than I have int he past two years. So.... let see a recap of the year.

2004 in fast forward
finished spring semester in tulsa
Made some great friends in Tulsa
Worked at Fast Forward
Quit Fast Forward
Took up knitting agian after a visit to Texas
Confessed some things to the parents
Made an all important decision
Moved from tulsa
drove across the country
Dad got his Ph. D (doctor, doctor, doctor)
Moved to Virginia Beach
Fixed up the house so we could live in it
Got reaquainted with Mikie
Started going to SnB
Found John
Got a job at Ewe Knit's
Let some friends in on my big secret
Lucero and the Weakerthans concert <3
Had an awesome Halloween
Missed thanks giving with the family
Winter solstice became to most improtant and happiest day in my life
the 23rd the sadest day in my life
Christmas with Grandma
New years with Amber and then Family
New years day... show at Additudz.

So thats the year in recap.
So back to knitting, and all things crafty.

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