Monday, December 03, 2012

It's here in the blinkin' papers! Pictures and all!

I have always loved Cruella De Vil's style. Even a a kid knowing that she was through and though evil with a capital D I still had to give her props on her personal style. I just wished she'd see the light and do it without having to kill puppies. One of the main style points of Cruella's that I lusted after was her two tone hair but being fair and freckled I just wrote off never looking right with it. Surprising considering I was purple haired not even 6 months ago. My awesome beard face below is evidence of that. 

Then I saw Mini Penny's blog on my random internet walk about. It was like a flash of lightning! Epiphany!  The answer to several of my hair desires. 
1) I could get the Cruella look with out it frying half my hair while making the other look to garish next to my complexion. 
2) I could keep my hair its natural color for the most part which would help restore its natural health and make my mom super happy. 
Hi MOM! 
 Following my dilemma of not wanting to totally gank the lovely style of Chapplin from Mini Penny lead to what you see before you.  I hope sincerely hope she doesn't mind being my hair-spiration helping me finally achieve a manageable Cruella look. I am really in love with it. If you haven't checked out her blog you totally should because its pretty awesome. Until next time Darlings, Here is some of Disney's Cruella, Cruella De Vil.

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