Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cincinnati Museum, The Dead Sea Scrools

We started with a temporary exhibit that my parents were really excited about, The Dead Sea Scrolls.
I would say that I am a spiritual person but despite my parents up bringing and persistence to be I am not very religious. I don't got to church unless I am being polite or curious. Not because I don't like church but just because its never been something I feel compelled to do. I am glad they are compelled and enjoy it but its not for me and I"ll admit I kind of expected this exhibit to be some what like going to church. It was however brilliantly engaging.

The exhibit was divided into 4 sections that wind about sort of like a tight lazy snake. You entered from a very utilitarian hallway into the first room which was in stark contrast with its sandy floors and large screens projecting images of the dead sea. This was going to be way more interesting than just looking at dusty objects behind hermetically sealed glass.

A theatrical sort of man introduces you to the middle east its climate and the climate of the times and casual circumstances that lead to the survival and discovery of the dead sea scrolls. All our interest is piqued and we are shuffled into the first hall to the past a time line resting at your feet as you trudge past small artifacts from each era.

After this hall is another set in exact contrast to this one with large open displays for you to walk around peek in and gaze past. 

The last of the halls with all its ancient nick-nakkery opened up into a large room with a giant circular display which held parts of the dead sea scrolls. This room under its heavy surveillance didn't allow any photography but did let you touch massive bricks from the temple and held in each of its corners videos about the people of the day or the unusual timing between the finding of the the scrolls and the founding of modern day Israel. 
In the end though I always find that as cool and awe inspiring seeing the genuine article is I always come back to some smaller more personal item that I related to in these exhibits the most. My favorites from this exhibit were:

These beauty items and these weights and balances. 

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