Thursday, December 27, 2012

For Calvin

Once upon a time there was a great comic. So EPIC in its greatness it helped me get partial credit on test questions I didn't know the answers to from 4th grade on up until I graduated college.. both times. I related to the main character being brilliant but commonly misunderstood. This made me want to be like more like his snaky, witty, imaginative self who had a smart response for every reprimand, an imaginative escape for every boring situation and a best friend at his side, albeit an imaginary one. I wanted to be Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

 To be truthful I still do. So on snowy days, which are rare for me since I live in Tennessee which is bi-polar in its weather patterns and doesn't keep the rarest of its weather gifts, snow, any longer than approx. 24 hours if you're lucky, I like to pay tribute to Calvin and Hobbes snow art genius. Since I am in Ohio for the holidays visiting my parents and snow is prefect abundance I was able to do such a tribute.  
Thanks for all the memories and help on getting partial credit Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes. Your legacy continues on as legend in the hearts of all who read it. 

Ode to Calvin and Hobbes Snow Genius:
The Swimmer and the sharks

Ode to Calvin and Hobbes Snow Genius:
The Bad Diver

Since I am going to be in Ohio for a few more days and there is still plenty of snow I hope to make a few more of these snowmen inspirations. Until then I would love to see any crazy snow creations that you guys may have come up with whether Calvin/Hobbes inspired or not. 

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