Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cincinnati Museum

 My parents have always been about museums and since even before I can remember, pictures exist to prove it, they've taken me and then my brothers around to anything that might be interesting or fun. Even once my brothers and I hit that dreaded age of all parents when we no longer wanted to be any where near them they persisted in carting us around to museums, cultural sights, national parks etc. Begrudgingly we would always go in only to find happily as we left that we all had a really great time.... well if we allowed ourselves to anyways. The tradition has continued and I hope it forever will.

Main entrance of the station 

The people in Cincinnati have turned their old train station into a huge home for several museums. Its very similar to the Smithsonian in how you can get way more information than you could ever hope to process in a day in one place. The Cincinnati Museum Place is home to several museums and an Omnimax theater( it's like the Imax's big brother). My parents decided since I hadn't been there yet that it was a MUST on this trip and I happily agreed since I would get me out of the house. My parents don't actually live in Cincinnati so we packed ourselves up, convinced my brothers to leave their computers and studies and headed out.

interior of the dome, the largest in the usa

Its not the cheapest museum experience but its worth every penny. Just stepping inside the colossal building is like a step back into an era of news reels, train travel, jazz and the beginning of so many big dreams and ideas for the country. The deco style is every where. Its an architectural dream of the past. If that or the dinosaurs don't win you over immediately then the ice cream is sure to. That and small children kept racing around going on about the cave and the forest. I mean I might be almost 30 but I felt I had to find out what that was all about.

Their salted caramel ice cream is delicious

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