Sunday, December 21, 2008

Martina strikes agian

I have taken my needles back up and am determined to finish the Adrienne Vittadini sweater Martina. It really isn't a hard pattern at all but I keep making small mistakes that cause me to have to rip out the lace portion on the front panel. I started it in June 2007 to give you an idea of how long I have been battling this sweater. I am feeling more confident however in my understanding of the lace portion of the pattern and am now as determined as ever to overcome this section of the sweater. I will not abandon such fine yarn to an unintended project. NO! I will finish this sweater and wear it with pride knowing I look fabulous in this color and that I conquered the demon called lace knitting to wear its hide upon my back! Haha!

In other news. Upon reading on Nipper's blog that the book Coraline is being released as a stop action movie in February I am ecstatic! I can hardly contain my excitement. In fact the next small sum of cash I run into that I can afford to spend on frivolity will go to purchasing yarn to knit the Coraline Sweater Nipper created. The sweater is a replica of Coraline's sweater and can be found in the bedroom of Coraline on the website for the movie. The website is loads of fun so I thoroughly suggest you check it out and find the pattern.

I am almost finished with a rasta hat for my soon to be old house mate, Jen. I will be making some matching fingerless gloves to go with it as well. The hat is a modified pattern from Treats and Treasures. I knit it as specified in the pattern but am going to come back and add a tighter rib to the opening of the hat to make it a bit more traditionally rasta since the opening on her hat is super wide and Jen wasn't in favor with it. Just a minor change.

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