Sunday, December 28, 2008

hats and more

I have had a lovely Christmas here in Ohio at my parents house. Its nice to just sit back and do nothing for a while. I am ready to get back home tomorrow though. I miss my boyfriend and friends and the little things that make a space yours.

I decided to hold off on one idea for my boyfriends present. I'll be saving it for his birthday since its only a month away. Instead I knit him a hat. Its the half pipe hat from the Son of Stitch N Bitch. I highly recommend this hat to any and all knitters but especially beginners. Its a great looking hat, it knits up fast and its super easy. What more could you want really? The hardest part is sewing in the brim and even that isn't that hard. Here is a photo of me wearing the hat almost completed. All I had left to do was the grafting and sewing in the brim. I added stripes in the Nashville Predator colors since Joe is a huge Preds fan. I am debating whether or not to add GO PREDS in Navy on the gold band or not. We'll see it looks good with out it so its not a major thing to worry about. Not to bad for using yarn left over from previous projects.

I started another half pipe hat in a variegated gray yarn, Vanna's Choice Charcoal print by Lions brand to be specific. This one is for my brother Paul. I haven't made anything for him that I have ever completed. Paul usually asks for complicated patterns like the DNA scarf so this will be a nice one to make for him because I can finish is quickly and painlessly. Although I really should finish that DNA scarf because it is pretty bad @$$.

The Martina sweater is still coming along. Its following the old adage of two steps forward five steps back but I am bound and determined to finish it. Its a beautiful sweater.

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Kasia said...

Cool hat! I love the colour and pattern of this sweater as well... Me and regular way of knitting sweaters aren't that much friends ;) but I love how yours look!