Thursday, December 22, 2005


due to a MIA(missing in action) camera I haven't been able to take photos of my sweater yet but I have worn it out twice already and recieved compliments. I have been commisioned for a sweater vest and two scarves. I will work on them shortly. Tomorrow I am going to go purchase more fling in code pink since I ran out of it in the home stretch. DERN! I needed it for 8 more rows. I have 30 more to go and sadly I can't get through the plain section that didn't need the Fling run with it because I ran out of the fling before that part.

Which gives me the perfect excuse to start Glamprye's One Skein Wonder which I am so excited to start. hmm... well I am going to go run off and work on some more knitting while catching up on my reading of everyone elses blog.

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