Friday, December 23, 2005


I have been knitting up a storm. I am on the last 7 rows of trim for the Glamprye One skein Wonder which is turning out wonderfully. I'll be sure to post pictures once I find my camera or Nathan gets back. I am waiting for the last skein for the baby blanket but in the mean time I started to write a pattern for a Jacket and Bag that are a take after Cruella De Vills' from 101 Dalmations. I am ordering the yarn for it on tuesday so hopefully it will work so I can dress up as cruella for Halloween next year.

I am working on Jesse's scarf which is a slightly altered Here and There cbales scarf from the Scarf Style book (pg. 15) its really easy but looks like it would have been hard. I did the first half of the scarf in a week and then took 6 months to finish the rest of it because I was being side tracked by other projects, school etc... The alterations include making it striped, about a quater shorter in width, and adding a fisher man's necking to it (where its more narrow at the point where the scarf naturaly rests on the neck). I have a few pictures from when I was working on it earlier this year. I should have the final pictures soon since i have four stripes to go. YAY! Thats the plan for tonight. Watch movies and finish Jesse's scarf so I can mail it to him.

I started the Bike bag from an old Vogue knitting (the one with the felted rose bag). I have to rip it though since i was working on it while watching Lost in Translation and messed up on the original cast on. I put on one to many stitches. No biggie didn't get very far into it.

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