Saturday, December 31, 2005


Juicey Fruiter is an amusing blog about park ranger life. I quite enjoied it.

As for life in the wonderful world of me. Well a few things of interest have occured. I got the last skein I needed to finish the baby blanket. YES! I am going to finish it before the New Year ball falls.

Nathan returned from Wisconson. I mailed my Flickr pals gift. Ordered this shirt. I really don't need it but it was on sale and I like that company so I wanted something from it. Its still a cute shirt though and I am excited to get it even though I should have put the money aside for spendage for my Bonneville Speed week vacation.

I wish I could find the USB cord to the camera so I could post all the cool loot I got for X-mas and all the projects I've finished or am working on.

I made plans for August to attend the Bonneville Speed Week on the Salt Flats of Utah before I transfer to Richmond, VA to attend VCU. Very exciting both the Speed week and VCU. though I have to admit at the moment I am a bit more excited about Speed week. Especially since I am going to fly into Tulsa and Ryan and I are going to drive the rest of the way in his Bel Aire. Can I just say that this is a dream? I am going to be spending two glorious days in a Bel Aire a car whose tires I am not fit to wash. Sigh pure bliss just thinking about it. So that is in between summer school and moving. YES!

A friend of mine gave me this link. I think some of you might like it. Its all about color in fashion. very niffty. Fashion in Colors

I think that about covers it for today folks.

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