Friday, April 22, 2005

one down more to go

So I finished the Loopy and Lucious scarf I was working on. I'll post pictures as soon as Flickr is back up since it had a crash recently.
I am determined to finish the baby blanket this weekend. It will be done. Same with the misfits pillow. I need to chat with Amber about the link to that by the way. just a quick Personal reminder.

I went to the Norfolk knitting group that all the peta workers go to. It was interesting. I think I'll go agian some time even though I do knit with sheep. They were all knitting with acrylics and cottons so I didn't feel so bad.

I can't wait to show off the loopy and lucious scarf. Hopefully flickr won't be down long.

this weeks goals
* baby blanket
* onsies for jo
* bikini for Chrissy
* start the bike bag

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