Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another Day

So today I got recomended to a new yarn site called Pluckyfluff it has some niffty yarns.

My car is still broken down so I got dropped off moyo early at work and got to knit like crazy today. I am almost half finished with the little baby blanket I was working on. The pink one.

I went to Target and bought the onsies that I am going to embroder for the little babies that I need to gift. I am doing two for Nancy's baby boy Jo who was born weighing in at 8 Lbs. His poppa is proud his momma is proud and all the rest of us are excited to see him. The other two onsies will be divided one going to Denise's baby and the other to Brittany's baby. Hopefully they'll like them. I'll start on them tomorrow.

I also got some cute sweaters from Wlamart sounds like an oximoron but its not. Tomorrow I am going to totally doll it up. I love new clothing. I also got a cute new Jacket since my fav black jacket shrank. Dern dryers

I recieved a wedding announcement for my friend Greg Hill to a Rachel Amanda La Var. I am moyo happy for them. I wish I could attend but I am unable so I will send my congradulations and a gift. I'll see if I can put up a pic of the happy couple soon.
I am going to try to go to Utah in June for Christina's wedding though. We'll see. She is having two receptions one in Utah on in PA.

Well I am off to clean my room, play dress up with my new clothing, and go through some of my old clothing to the Salvation Army.

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