Wednesday, April 27, 2005

loopy and lucious2005

Ignore how awful I look and please draw your attention to the fabulous scarf that Nathan Novak of describes as "Halloween as F(bleeped da bleep)" and many and old lady has stopped me to say how lovely they think it is.

It contains two parts kid merino to one part Hip Hop yarn. Which you can see knit up creating a lovely contrast between the thick and thin yarns. This takes a set of size 17 needles and some tender loving care. Let it sit for a few days during frustrations and wallah in no time you can have one of these amazing scarves too. Pattern found on

read this part super fast
please note that there may be some allergic reactions for people sensitive to wools and animal fibers, needles are pointy and should be used for their specified purposes if not the eyes maybe lost and things impaled. This pattern may cause light headedness and lushness.Please knit safely.

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