Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Figuring it all out and getting to work

Remember this list? Well I have edited it to see what got finished what still in the works and how things are coming.

1)Jesse's infamous scarf
* it's half way finished
2)Angelina Jacket
* started about 25 % done
*about 50% done
3)Erin sweater
* have the yarn and started it once only to have to rip the whole thing out
4)Twine kitting class
* can't do it til Knitapolloza
5) latvian wristers
* can't do til Knitapolloza
6) 3 geishia baby blankets
* need to purchase yarn they are all going to be white and then I'll add a satin
ribbon through the edgeing

* decided instead to make two diffrent blankets that I like more and embroder onsies for the other baby. The two blankets are started and one is half finished the other is a quarter finished and I bought the onsies.
7)Coverse mocked baby booties
* need to buy yarn
* lost the pattern I was going to base it off of. Still Looking
8)tourquois bikini for Tante Chrissy
* bought yarn need to start
* started need to finish it
9)space invaiders hat and scarf
* started hat... need to finish it and do the scarf (double knitting required)
10) Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear Jacket
*need to get yarn
11) Marty's scarf
* need to buy splash yarn
12) Mikie's misfits pillow
* the misfit is done need to make the back part and buy stuffing.
13)Moster Party sweater
* bought yarn, need to create a pattern
* started working ona pattern
14) Double Helix scarf
* half way finished
15) the bike bag from Vogue knitting
* have yarn and pattern
16) felted rose bag from Vogue
* need to order yarn have the pattern
17) Cruella Devil Jacket and Bag
* need to refine pattern and order yarn

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