Monday, February 23, 2009

Just making

So far 2009 hates me but I am determined to not take it personal.

My car stereo was stolen this past week along with the cd's that were left in the car (which were almost all burned so why they would want them go figure), my coat that I left in the back seat, and my emergency kit. I guess that I can safely assume that I have a warm safe driving car stereo thief who has good taste in music.

Anyways there are more reasons than that for why 2009 despises me but that one is really the only one if feel like getting into.

I have been knitting, block printing, baking, and sewing lately however so I am excited to say YAY!

Right now I have finished sewing a patch work pillow, sewing samples, and a zombie intestines t-shirt for a zombie party. I am currently knitting fingerless gloves with a twist (once I get it all worked out I'll reveal them) and some hats like the previous ones posted. One by request in red, gold, and purple the other using yarn recycled from an italian sweater. As for baking I have taken up making home made dog biscuits after babysitting a puppy sick with Parvo.

I need to get over things mostly myself and become a craft product making machine. No thinking allowed. Just making.

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Moon said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your zombie guts shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so clever!!!!