Tuesday, December 07, 2004

the update

So lets see...
knitting up a storm
What to tell what to tell. the other sleevie is being sewn on as we speak. I will definatly have the jacket finished by tomorrow and then I have to throw together... well the Erin sweater, a pair of gloves, a can coozie and a knit kit. Not to much at all.
Tonight the SNB was super small in comparisson to what we've been having lately. But it was nice in a way too. I felt like I accomplished alot. Joanne's sweater looks great that she just finished. My mom came to the SNB tonight too. She said she really enjoied it which makes me happy. I like having her around.
The new Knitty issue is really good. I really like the uterus hehe and really all the patterns that are offered this time. So if you haven't checked it out you really aught to since it is awesome.
Oh i got my new halycon yarn cataloge in the mail today. Always exciting.
What else what else.
this cold has been killing me I am being constantly torn between feeling ok to feeling absolutly awful. It really really sucks. I sneeze all the time and have a runny nose constantly I hate taking medicine but really have to to try to garentee that it won't turn into a type of strep throat i catch every so often if I am not carful with a cold. (it has to do with my nose getting broken so many times).
My brother enjoied the Pixies concert I got him tickets too. So that makes me happy. My friends Jay and Adam want to come down and visit after christmas. i should be getting a post card from the carribean in a couple weeks since tiffany is going there for the winter siesta (I love post cards from far off places who knew 35 cents could make you feel so cherished and exciting)
I am mailing maux's package tomorrow (its been sitting in my room for a couple weeks) and marissa's money for her poetry book ( i kept meaning to send that too)
i should probubly try to remail Been's package also and get those books mailed out to greg since.. well they'll just keep sitting in my room if I don't send them.
My embrodiery kit should be arriving any day between the 8th and the 16th. sigh. I want it to get here already. Blah! I want to play with embrodery. Well I am feeling light headed so I better go to bed.

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The Frog said...

Hey you - mind if I post a link to your site on mine?

It helps me keep up on my reading, heee heee. But honestly, I've gotten behind in checking in on your blog - but I do really enjoy reading up on what you are up too.

PS - I'm listed as "Frogs a Lot" on your links list - but my blog's actually named "The Frog's Blog". Just being "knit picky." ;o)

Hope you're enjoying your day,