Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Not Martha posted about a candy cane christmas tree that she found on the 30th. It made me really want to make my own ... So I did. Thats the explanation for the candy cane tree thing in case there was any need for one.
Its made with 2 boxes of candy canes, a support form (i.e. a cone made from card board covered with foil), tape and rubber bands. I debated making it free standing by using some stronger adhesion techniques but I really wanted to still be able to eat the candy canes after the holidays are over so yuppers.
I finished the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket. Its looking super hot. I think I figured out what I'm going to do with the eros yarn... well I'm going to attempt to do it any ways. But that will be waiting till after I finish some of the other stuff. Namely gloves for Paul, the Erin sweater from rowan's twisted ribbion yarn, the back of the misfits pillow, yup that should all get done first.
I am definatly feeling much better from this cold though I'm still fighting it. It was a killer one. I am glad it didn't get me really really sick like some colds like this have before since that would have totally blown super chunks.
When I went to the doctors today they were all commenting on my knitting... alot of them knit there so its fun to hear about what their all doing.

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