Thursday, December 16, 2004

Good Morning
I'm rather chipper for not having slept well I must say. It felt like mars had inflicted its winter temptratures upon my house last night. Unbearable hot.
Anywhoodle. It's very nice now.

I am doing a test gauge to see if I work two strands of the Phildar yarn that Jill gave away at the last SnB if I can make the Betty pattern from Knitty.
I like the pattern and this is just the sweetest yarn and I really can't think of anything else to do with it so hopefully it works out yes?

I made a scarf (a novelty scarf) the other night its not quite finished as I made it long enough and tapered it so I could sport it as a belt if I so desired to as well. I always did prefer clothing that could handle doubleing as something else. Anywhoo. the scarf goes wonderfully with my favorite purple winter coat (it's reversible! one side is furry fluffy goodness and makes me look like I skin'd grimice from McDonald's to look like a pimp and the other side is a purple vynil that is very smart. I generally wear it on that side since its the water resistant side. Very warm very comfy very purple. <3<3...) So that is awesome. the scarf also kind of reminds me of My little ponies. Which is silly so i geuss I could wear my My little ponies beenie with my purple coat and my new winter gloves and I'd look jammin" if it ever got bleedin cold enough to wear all that. Sigh... 70 degrees every bleeding day. I know were near a beach but New york has beaches and it gets cold for winter time.

other news. I didn't gauge for the ribbion twist yarn... since well I figured if the yarn is for the pattern exactly then I should knit it exactly to what it recommends. Nope my gauge was off by three when I finally tested it at the prompting of the group telling me it looked to small (I was half way through the back pannel. (Blah!) oh course they were right. I was off by three measly stitches (this is a bulky yarn so thats alot) So I need to make the next size up. It takes the same amount of yarn as the small so I'm not to worried about it though I might buy and extra skein just in case.So I need to restart that. always a daunting task restarting something.

My mum wants me to make the biker sweater for my Omi because she'd like the cut. I am very keen to the idea so I think I'm going to buy a skein of bingo yarn and see if I can use it. There is a gorgous cranberry and red twist that would look fabulous and I bought little scottie buttons that I was going to sew on the bottom or top collar as an accent since my Omi loves scotties. Hopefully the bingo will work since I really liked that pattern it knit up quickly and is really relatively painless. We'll see yes?

Still working ont he back of the misfits pillow using the loop stitch from the SnB Nation Book. Its a fun stitch but the yarn I am working with is and isn't agreeing with it. Its a bit hard to keep the loops all the same gauge also. I enjoy the stitch though. I think I'm going to have to get a diffrent skein of black and do it since I was trying to use what was left of my lamb's pride (75%wool 25%mohair) and the mohair keeps gripping together so if there is any problems I can't unravel it easily to fix the problem or what ever. So there is that. Sigh I do need to get that done.

My embrodery kit came. I'm most excited to get to play with it. I read the instruction book yesterday. Its very basic and easy to follow so we'll see how that goes yes? I'd love to do some embrodered baby onesies. I'll have to go out and get the nessacary items.

I need to get something for some special people for christmas too. I hope a girft certificate for 10 dollars each to my work will be enough but maybe not. Sigh... decisions decisions.

other stuff. Been cutting out more peices to sew together. Mostly bags and little things like that. I have this kitchen apron whose fabric is so atrociously 60's in design that I am in love with it. This apron design is also like the excess of fabric for an apron ever since its like a smock and cover. So i am thinking I want to turn it into a cute little day dress with modern lines and an empire waist bar. very cute. Just need a pattern to come together for me. I'll probubly try to make the pattern (dangerous I know ) but I am not thinking it'd be that difficult. I just need to remember seam allowances mmhmm.

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