Saturday, November 03, 2007

The never ending week of Halloween

Man I feel like all I have been doing all week is dressing up for Halloween. Not that thats a problem though I am very stubborn about not wearing the same costume twice in such close relation to one another so its been very busy. The day after Halloween I went a Halloween party for the College Radio Station I do my radio show through. My friends Lori and Anna came as well. Since I was kind of dress up'd out I decided to cop out and be a Zombie because they are fast, easy, and I don't have to change my clothing. Lori also dressed up as Zombie and Anna who hates Zombies decided to go as our victim.
Now I have to reveal how we made our peelie skin because I had an epiphinay as to how to do it a few months ago when I was giving myself a facial. If you purchase a clear cucumber facial peel and apply it then apply your make up and peel some of the peel you get this look. The best parts of this are 1) when the night is over you can just peel all the make up off and rinse. There is no super scrubbing of grease paint-ness or applying of vasaline (which makes me break out even more than the make up itself) to get trouble areas off. 2) You get a facial as you scare and party. My face as super soft at the end of the night and when people asked me if I was worried about it causeing me to break out I actually had no break outs compared to when I wear the grease paint with-out the peel so bonus! 3) The stuff gets cooler as the night goes on. As the night continued the Peel would naturally start to loosen due to the natural movements you make while talking, laughing, dancing etc even flaking off at some point all adding to the overall zombie effect. 4) Make up kits that give you a measly amount of zombie skin peel cost the same amount and don't work very well. I bought my bottle of peel for $3 It covered 2 zombies and I have done 5 facials before doing the zombie outfit( bought the stuff at the beginning of the semster) and one after I took all the peel and make up off. Its a better bang for your buck I geuss.
Last night on the day of the dead. I went to an art opening with my friend Joe. It was a halloween theme with live preformances and art which was fun. I wasn't expecting to attend anything so I just wore a fake beard that Joe had and went as the bearded lady. It was a good time though. I put my information down to hopefully get info about displaying some of my work. This picture is from last years day of the dead party I included it since I don't have a picture of being the bearded lady yet. It was themed so you could dress up along the day of the dead theme so zombies, skulls, mariatchi's, you get the idea. I think only three of us dressed up and the turn out wasn't all that grand since its right after Halloween but I made anise bread which is a day of the dead tradition and very yummy. I'll have to post the recipe becuase it was easy to make. You can see how much my hair has grown in a year if you compare this photo with the zombie ones. Kind of funny.

Tonight is a food themed halloween party. I am not sure what to be. I really want to be a cupcake(I wanted to be that last year at Meg and Erika's party but ended up going as a carton of milk creamer). If I can't get that together than I am going to go as a can of budwiser. I have a dress that has that printed on it. We'll see. I think that will put a fitting end to the week of Halloween.


Knittymuggins said...

Wow! Great idea with the peely mask!! MMMMmmmm - the anise bread sounds sooo yummy! Please post the recipe? Pretty please? :) Glad you're having so much Halloween fun!


Kasia said...

I love halloween parties! Gosh, what a pity that Europe is so dull on those days... yuck! ANise bread sounds great, is it like a bread or like cookies? Here they have the most amazing anise cookies and I guess I must have a recipe somewhere...
Thanks for know-how about zombies and peely mask! I will have to try that out once! I am so happy for you that you can enjoy your halloween so well!