Thursday, November 01, 2007

King of the Bling Generation

I am currently obsessed with Damien Hirst's work. Enough to make a flyer in my class for his already concluded show that occured earlier this year. He has been described as being the "King of the Bling Generation". I really like his work. Especially his paintings. Everyone should look into him. This link shows the process of making "For the Love of God" his skull piece that has won him a large amount of news coverage and acclaim. This link talks about the show I made the flyer for(note: this flyer is a "fake" flyer. The show was real but his wasn't the official flyer for the show). It shows othere pieces that were in the show. I'll close with a picture of the artist.

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Kasia said...

Sparkling skulls looks like fun! I am not surprised that you are obssessed with his works, they look so fabulous!