Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey been a while. So the photo above is a casting that didn't quite turn out. I have currently re cast the wings and cut the old ones off the butterfly's body so I can solder the new one on it. I have done quite a few other casts but I don't have any pictures to show from them at this time.

I am currently working on a brooch design that I am really happy with so hopefully all will go well with that and I can show you images of it in the next week or so.

Hope everyone is well. I am feeling much better thank you for the wonderful home remedy by the way. It worked wonders.

I haven't had any time to knit and can't even if I wanted to. All my knitting needles are in Virginia with Nathan. I need to get him to send them back to me.

He is doing well. He just got a job at a screen printing company and has been working on getting his wedding photography website up and running, his other website for his fine art photography is already up here's the link. Let him know what you think and let me know as well. He's always looking for new criticism.

Hope to give you all a long post soon. <3

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Kasia said...

Wings look good! I'm really curious to see broche when you're done with it!