Saturday, July 28, 2007

parcels and books

I mailed my first package out to my Virtual vacation pal. I hope that she enjoies it. I can't wait to see her response in her blog.

In other news the semester is winding down and I am almost through with working for my current job. Then I get a long over due vacation to Virginia where I fully intend to relax and knit and have a great time catching up with friends.

Speaking of friends my friend Cara just recently turned me onto this site,shelfari. Its a profile based site where you put in books you have read and rate them and people will recommend books for you to read. As I am always looking for great reads and like to know what others are reading I appreciate the concept. I'll be adding my profile link on the side in case your ever interested in seeing what I have read or am reading. One of my goals has been to read a book a month (at least) for the 1001 days list I made and I am proud to say that so far I have kept to it.

I am trying to think of what else I might have forgetten to mention but am drawing a blank. I'll post back here soon and let you know whats going on. hopefully I can through in something crafty since the past few posts have all been pretty non-craft related.


Laurie said...

Did you take a picture that you'll post after your partner receives the box? (I'm looking for 1-2 more things for my pal and I've hit a roadblock on ideas! =) )

Knittymuggins said...

Hi! Thanks again for inviting me to Shelfari :) I was just thinking you might also like Bookmooch. It's a great way to recycle books you don't want to keep around and get books for free too. I've been using it for a while and really like it. Great job reading 1 book a month too! I love to read but I also love to knit, so right now knitting is the clear winner. Poor books!